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Oliver Van Nueten The Chocolate Artist

Van Nueten Chocolates

Oliver Van Nueten.
The Chocolate Artist

Is it made of chocolate?
Then we'll make it!

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In a world of complete imagination, we are the dreamers who create dreams.

The Chocolate Wizard with a Heart of Cocoa.

Young, driven, creative, an artist with a passion for chocolate. That's Oliver Van Nueten in a nutshell.

cacao trace logoIn a world where sweetness often comes with a bittersweet touch, Oliver Van Nueten shines as a master chocolatier who not only captivates with his flavours but also touches hearts with his ethics. Oliver starts by choosing Cacao-Trace chocolate because he believes true beauty comes from the inside and the outside.

Oliver's workshop, where magic and cocoa go hand in hand, is a playground where chocolate dreams become reality. His passion for chocolate is more than just a job; it's a calling. Oliver dances among his creations, from elegant pralines to stunning chocolate sculptures, each piece a love letter written in chocolate.

Oliver Van Nueten the chocolate artist

Creative Dreams

Every visit to the workshop is a journey into a sweet world of luxury. The pralines, presented in various luxurious packaging, are not just sweets but works of art that melt on your tongue. The assortment in his emporium changes weekly, with ten to fifteen fresh pralines chosen from a range that already includes more than a hundred different creations. This way, Oliver offers a palette of flavours that even the most refined chocolate lover would drool over.

But Oliver's ambition goes beyond his workshop. He turns every wish into a reality with his custom-made chocolate sculptures, which he creates without any supporting structures. Just like the magician, they are pure and honest. His sculptures, which remain edible for at least one year, showcase his technical mastery and creative spirit. They show a proper balance between strength and vulnerability.

Savor, Demo, Workshop

Oliver also invites you to roll up your sleeves. His workshops, demos, and tastings are an eye-opener to the art of chocolate making. Whether you dream of creating your chocolate bar or designing a unique sculpture, Oliver guides you with a smile and a spatula in hand.

workshop 1

In his quest for perfection, Oliver stays true to his values. The Cacao-Trace chocolate he uses not only supports cocoa farmers worldwide but also ensures that every bite you take contributes to a better life for the local populations of the various cocoa origins. Thus, his chocolate creations are a treat for the palate and the heart.

Oliver and friends

Art, Taste and Ethics

Oliver Van Nueten's art reminds us that chocolate is more than a treat. It's a medium that tells stories, evokes emotions for centuries, and connects worlds. From the cocoa fields to the final creation, each chocolate from Oliver carries his passion and a piece of the world.

Like any magician, Oliver keeps some secrets close to his chest. But the real secret of his success is no mystery: his unwavering commitment to quality, beauty, and ethical responsibility. Pay a visit to his emporium, and you're stepping into a world where each chocolate is an adventure and every bite a celebration on your taste buds.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover the magic of Oliver Van Nueten for yourself.